• I want to leave a review for a professional photographer, excellent teacher and good friend Evgeny Laptev! I attended his courses on jewelry shooting, this is the best thing I spent money on in the last 5 years! While on the course, I thought that the courses would not end, because we received a lot of information, this information is very valuable for my further development in the world of photography! Evgeny masterfully presented us with his invaluable experience. My confidence in macro photography increased, my vision changed for the better, after the course I began to feel the light even more, and drawing with light in the macro world became a truly artistic process for me and I acquired it, it is priceless! Now I am boldly looking for and taking orders for shooting small and beautiful item, which I haven’t done before the course. I shot several orders with great pleasure, the process itself caused a ton of pleasant emotions, I think the course by Evgeny Laptev will also ignite a new flame of passion in you for your future photo projects!

    Radion Jabbarov

  • On the very trail of the workshop… My brain literally almost blew from the overdose on information! :) Evgeny’s heroic attempts at compiling this much information in the 2-day format of a workshop – that was truly outstanding! Took a few memorable photos in the end :)

    Pavel Russo

  • The weekend went great! ;) 14 hours of inspiring information – a great start for a productive step forward. The workshop with Evgeny Laptev expanded the borders of my consciousness, I finally understating lighting. Sophisticated light work in his performance was truly amazing. Of course this is just praise (although I believe it is well deserved), but from these types of workshops you actually improve your skills from “kind of okay” to a more civilized and professional level ;) And of course the chance to spend two days amongst people to whom all those piles of plastic, tape, rags and other junk mean just as much to me; who see the professional beauty in this and who understand how to use all this trash to make an astonishing photograph.

    Sergey Igumnov
  • I found out about the workshop just a week before the scheduled date, so I had to make a quick decision, since I had to travel from Saint Petersburg to Moscow. And the decision was made: on the morning of the 6th I was sitting with Evgeny in his comfortable studio.
    The workshop was divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. In the first part we listened, in the second we watched the process, obtained new information and learned the secrets to jewelry photography. The information was insanely fascinating, I made a lot of notes for future use.
    Naturally, everyone waited for the practical part, and it was well worth it. Evgeny showed us how he works and what devices exist for outstanding jewelry photography, and he explained in great detail why everything works exactly the way it works.
    In the end everyone acquired a ton of valuable information that they couldn’t have got anywhere else.
    We got the results of Evgeny’s many years of work and experiments on a platter! Our acquired knowledge allows us to quickly progress, significantly improve the quality of our work, meanwhile saving time during the photoshoot and on photo editing.
    To sum up, 1500 km, 6 hours of sleep in 1.5 days were all worth it. Thank you, Evgeny!

    Alexey Pavlov

  • It’s a pity that the workshop ended so soon! With the master of jewelry photography Evgeny Laptev.

    Alexander Gorodenkov

  • Two days of brainwashing with Evgeny Laptev is over. Truly inspiring. Go and start working rather than sit around. Or something like that. It was fantastic! No other words to describe it. This “geologist” blew my mind! Every little thing about photography of small objects that I didn’t quite get – everything literally popped into place. Deceit and trickery? NO! Understanding and hard work. No selfies in a bow tie, but rather 10.000 hours in a photo studio at a table – then you’re basically “over the rainbow”. So many thoughts… But I can’t express them in any other way. Probably the best workshop in the last few years that I was fortunate to attend.
    An accurately organized program, train of thought: starting with how to look for clients, to the request, and to the final result. That’s exactly how the work process of a photographer should be organized. A service, multiplied by hard work and ambition = the key to success.
    Evgeny! Thank you for the knowledge!

    Yuriy Iliuhin

  • Today was the first day of the workshop on photography of jewelry by Evgeny Laptev. It’s great that there was so much useful information that I just couldn’t get to on my own, information that takes years to aquire. Extremely happy the workshop took place. Pure delight!

    lya Strokov

  • Evgeny, a huge thank you for the workshop! It was incredible!

    Maria Romanova

  • Evgeny, thank you for the opportunity to take part in the sacred act of jewelry photography, for the warm and welcoming environment during the workshop! Another huge thank you to Ilya Strokov for organizing these meetings. It’s a new world with new possibilities! Thank youuu!!!

    Anna Dudorova

  • I want to say a huge thank you to Evgeny for the opportunity to get acquainted with his methodology of jewelry photography. A great teacher, a pleasant person, and what’s most important – I’ll note the technical side of this workshop. I have attended many workshops on jewelry and item photography, but this workshop was truly fascinating for a jewelry photographer! Soon I’ll post my practical results from this workshop.

    Roman Alexandrov

  • The workshop took place on Sunday and there haven’t been any reviews. Not because no one liked the class, but because everyone rushed to try out everything they heard and saw in practice.
    Of all the people gathered I was probably the least experienced, nevertheless Evgeny patiently answered all my stupid questions. I am very skeptical when it comes to workshops on photography, because I have a lot of experience in fashion photography, but this workshop was not a mistake! Very informative and useful. Evgeny, thank you!

    Alexander Kozhyn

  • Summing up the results of the year, I would like to not leave in the shade another stage of my creative year. This whole year was dedicated to photography! I have captured so many priceless moments, emotions, events, portraits of people and stages of their lives! I shared my success and creativity with you. I am absolutely happy doing Photography!! And now I am happy to present my Portraits of Jewelry! Yes! I did it!!! Painstakingly, slowly, step by step, micron by micron! In Moscow it is impossible to find good courses on jewelry shooting!! And there are more fingers on your hand than there are photographers whose work you want to look. I'm talking about courses that provide knowledge and practical application! I am very happy that I found the right person, the Master of Photography and in particular jewelry shooting - Evgeny Laptev! I am proud to call myself his pupil! Evgeny clearly explained to me the higher areas of the photo process. After all, if you think about it, in just a few hours he teaches all his secrets that he himself worked on for years! And most importantly – each lesson is not just hot air, but practice!!! Everything: all the methods, stages, nuances, features, technical points, difficulties – all exclusively in practice! Once again, I was convinced of the Golden rule: money spent on your education is well-invested money! This training is worth it! I am grateful to Evgeny for all the training and valuable tips on this thorny path! :)
    Special thanks To jewelry Design Studio "Stanislav" for providing jewelry for shooting! Learning from them and shooting such products is a real pleasure!

    Viktoria Maley

  • Finally got the chance to share. I attended Evgeny Laptev’s workshop on jewelry photography.
    Here’s what I’d like to say:
    An ideal relation of pragmatism to creativity;
    Only useful information;
    Easy to grasp, great explanations.
    As a result: totally inspired for future work.
    As a bonus: Evgeny also turned out to be a wonderful and witty person. :)
    All in all a very useful workshop for both beginners and professionals alike.

    Bella Antonio

  • Master, thank you for the course on jewelry photography! Insanely beneficial, undoubtedly motivational! A real professional, and a quite interesting speaker – that’s the type of person that you want to work with and learn from. Evgeny, a huge thank you from my very heart for the new experience and knowledge.

    Alexander Korsunov

  • Thank you to Evgeny Laptev for today’s class and the load of information on jewelry photography. Very useful.

    Evgeny Litvinov