The goal of my work is to convey emotions evoked by gemstones, jewelry and art objects. My experience in photography is about 20 years, the first half of which I was in magazine photography. For the past ten years, I have been doing what I call "Jewelry Portraits", i.e., shoots it with special attention to the gems cut and jewelry texture.

Special know-how allows me to "light up" the gemstones from within and "draw" the metal with light. I very rarely use the Photoshop to draw the gemstone cut or false gradients on metal.

Sincerely, Evgeny Laptev.


For jewelers - about jewelry photography.You can turn on English subtitles.

our team:

 Dmitry Stolyarevich, gemstones & jewelry photographer, videographer.

Radion Dzabbarov, still-life & jewelry photographer, videographer.